The Mission I’ve been researching for many years now and feel I’ve come up with a very strong program to help cure people of Homosexuality. Its called the [C.H.O.P.S] program and We’re running full steam ahead with it. C.H.O.P.S stands for:

C: Changing
H: Homosexuals
O: (into) Ordinary
P: People

We know we can do it. I have seen this program work. I’ve lived by it for years now. I believe that through prayer and this program peoples lives will change, for the Better.

Oscar Wilde, my hero, was a reformed homosexual. He went to prison for his sins. Once he was alone with his thouhgts, in jail, he saw the errors of his ways and repented. He died as a Christian. While I’m not advocating jailing all Homosexuals, I do think it would benefit them greatly. It would be for their own good. When a person is forced to think they will generally be able to see their problems and solve them by themselves.