I tell you everybody, it sure isn’t easy starting a Ministry like this. Your poor old Pastor Donnie was just awakened from the first real sleep he has had in days by his computer guys telling him that someone in San Diego on a DSL connection and another person in San Francisco on a cable connection had been trying to destroy our rolodex of people that sign up for the Evening Service newsletter. Last time we checked this was still America and its not illegal for a Pastor to conduct his Ministry. We thought we were backwards here in Texas and that you California boys were way ahead of the curve. We’re pretty disappointed to see what is supposedly the most free thinking state in the union having a monopoly on illegal electronic attacks on our Ministry. We would be even more disappointed to squander the funds of the Ministry on having our lawyers contact your ISP, identify your IP address and time of attack and bring charges against you in a court of law. Why don’t you guys turn in and let poor ol’ Donnie sleep?

Thanks Friends.

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